As an artist with 4 years' art training in a Chinese art education institution and 5 years' art education in the Netherlands, my artistic practice focuses on the installation in a spatial particularity with the convergent perspectives of west and east and to translate historical heritage and collective memory into contemporary artwork by using personal materials that I collected in daily life. 

I mainly want to elicit an insight through my artworks that whether they could lead different people into the same spatial experience with the synergistic reaction of the different senses. I think, There is a certain regular pattern for our experience to follow in the artistic space in which the immersive experience influences people's feelings at an aesthetic level. 

In this special period of the epidemic, so many people suffer from diseases and have no chance to receive proper treatment with respect. To face such a quandary reality, what art can do? What is art's function in the real world? Maybe, the value of art is not in the realistic imitation of the world with great skills, but its spiritual enlightenment in a painful environment. It can penetrate the false black hole of reality, and disclose the original appearance of things, that is, the authenticity of existence. But at the same time, art has become a curtain of the world. In other words, it has been disguised as a curtain of ignorance. What I want to explicate is the use of art as a medium to convey information, just like modern media. Its function unavoidably has double-sidedness. It can reveal some facts while hiding some truth. So, for me, art is more like a beautiful utopia hitting the cruel reality with great courage.

​All in all, art allows us to see different aspects of the world that we have never seen before, let us feel emotions that we have never felt before, and see the beauty that we have never seen before. It creates a fantastical life for us and let us all live in that bubble.



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